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Posted: 1/10/2001  
Name: Randy Royce
Comments: I was a frequent visitor to Gerry Tyack's establishment in Moreton-in-Marsh from 1988-1992. Will hopefully return soon to add to my own personal gallery. An outstanding website!

Posted: 1/8/2001  
Name: Bobby L. Holtzclaw
Comments: Write comment hereJust stopped by to see the chinook and "baby 2001" but it is gone. Cain't find the 'Huey" ride. I was on a site early today and it had the call sign for 196th Hook company as rattlers and something else. The 196th were "Flippers" from when we left Sill untill I left the 610th CHFM in Mar of 68. Thanks "the Hawk"

Posted: 1/8/2001  
Name: I think my name is no needed to be mentioned!
Comments: As a Hellenic Air Force Flying officer I have to say that I realy enjoed "surfin" in this site. Keep on doing the good job and check your six! Lt (HAF) "X"

Posted: 1/7/2001  
Name: gokhan aycemen
Comments: please can you give me 'all f16,f115,f15,f14,f4 and tornado url addresses' or 'whých firm pruduct thýs plane'

Posted: 1/7/2001  
Name: Butch Lottman
Homepage: US Army Attack Helicopters
Comments: Really enjoyed you site, will stop back for future updates. Thanks,

Posted: 1/6/2001  
Name: Alison
Comments: Hi im 14 and intressted in all types of aircraft.Im a girl and wondered do they allow female piolets

Posted: 1/4/2001  
Name: Hank Williamson
Comments: Enjoyed your page--put me on your mailing list. HW

Posted: 12/31/2000  
Name: Eduardo Moreau
Homepage: Eduardo Moreau - Commercial Pilot
Comments: It's great !!

Posted: 12/19/2000  
Name: Judy Mackenzie
Homepage: Suchiu Art
Comments: You have some great pictures on your site!

Posted: 12/19/2000  
Name: Jamaal
Comments: I'am in tenth grade and I 17 years old. So I would like to know what is the best place to go like to the army, airforce, navy so so I can become a good polit on maybe mig, f-16, sf. Thank!

Posted: 12/13/2000  
Name: scott hill
Comments: cool sight most excelent!

Posted: 12/11/2000  
Name: Voodoo_and
Comments: Hej fed side du har her jeg har mange gode F16 pics jeg kunne sende til dig men der er en del der ikke er danske

Posted: 12/8/2000  
Name: Roland Raith
Comments: Hello I have a Modell Turbine F16 ,Long 200cm.Have no color.Have you Fotos from a F16 with (Nato oliv color)in USA Station "WA"the home of the Thunder birds have F16 with Oliv color.can you send me Fotos (jpg).Senk you Sorry my English is not good

Posted: 12/6/2000  
Name: sai indugula
Comments: cool site !!!!

Posted: 12/3/2000  
Name: Bob
Homepage: Fertile 80 - North American Air Defense
Comments: Enjoyed your site. I was an Intercept Director at 20th Norad Region, not a pilot but told a lot of them where to go. As such Fertile 80 was my cal sign. I'll be back.

Posted: 12/1/2000  
Name: Darren Elliott
Homepage: Darren's Home Page
Comments: wassup!!! great site!!!

Posted: 11/28/2000  
Name: Lars Tjessem
Comments: Jets is the best... can't wait until it's my turn to fly.

Posted: 11/28/2000  
Name: Hayley Smithers
Comments: I think that this website is great as it gave me all the information I needed and keep the good work up. I found the site was very good as I am a Plane Spotter it was excelent

Posted: 11/25/2000  
Name: maxim marinov
Homepage: aviapanorama
Comments: Write comment here do is posible in our aviocompani flight to bulgaria from alaska bering mare to usa

Posted: 11/21/2000  
Name: HOD
Comments: Hej du!Jeg havde mistet din web adress. Hvordan gaar det i USA? Sig hej til boernene og Karen fra os!

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